License Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed.

System Architecture


Elkeid Server contains 5 modules::

  1. AgentCenter (AC) is responsible for communicating with the Agent, collecting Agent data and simply processing and then writing to the Kafka cluster. At the same time, it is also responsible for the management of the Agent, including Agent upgrade, configuration modification, task distribution, etc. In addition, the AC also provides HTTP services, through which the Manager manages the AC and the Agent.
  2. In ServiceDiscovery (SD), each service module needs to register with SD regularly and synchronize service information, so as to ensure that the instances in each service module are visible to each other and facilitate direct communication. Since SD maintains the status information of each registered service, when a service user requests service discovery, SD will perform load balancing. For example, the Agent requests a list of AC instances, and SD directly returns the AC instance with the least load pressure.
  3. Manager is responsible for managing the entire back-end and providing related query and management interfaces. Including the management of the AC cluster, monitoring the status of the AC, and managing all agents through the AC, collecting the running status of the agent, and delivering tasks to the agent. At the same time, the manager also manages real-time and offline computing clusters.
  4. Elkeid Console: Elkeid web console。
  5. Elkeid HUB : Elkeid HIDS RuleEngine。

In short, AgentCenter collects Agent data, real-time/offline calculation module analyzes and processes the collected data, Manager manages AgentCenter and computing module, ServiceDiscovery connects all services and nodes.


  • Backend infrastructure solutions for million-level Agent
  • Distributed, decentralized, highly available cluster
  • Simple deployment, few dependencies and easy maintenance

Deployment document


  1. AgentCenter(AC): Executing './' in Elkeid/server/agent_center directory will generate the product' bin.tar.gz 'in the output directory.
  2. ServiceDiscovery(SD):Executing Elkeid/server/service_discovery directory will generate the product' bin.tar.gz 'in the output directory.
  3. Manager:Executing Elkeid/server/manager directory will generate the product' bin.tar.gz 'in the output directory.


Refer to the backend section of Build Elkeid CWPP from Source to deploy or upgrade.

Console User Guide


Elkeid Server are distributed under the Apache-2.0 license.